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December 1, 2011
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Wonderful Maleficent by skyscraper48 Wonderful Maleficent by skyscraper48
My wife wanted me to make a Wonder Woman, so I made one. I kept her hair in a bun, because it occurred to me, fighting a dragon would be a lot more efficient if her hair didn't get in the way. As for the dragon, I wanted that lasso to be tied to something, and for some reason the Maleficent Dragon was the first thing that came to mind.
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The colors are so crisp and bright. I like how Diana is so bright compared to the cool colors of Mal.

Mal's expression is so comical. It's like she's saying, how dare you and now she has to swallow that fireball she was about to spit (hello heartburn). Diana is so fearless in both expression and stance, facing Mal-dragon head on without any hesitation, just like she does in the comics. Pulling back the hair was a good idea. No reason to get it singed off.

The background is so simple yet detailed, it's beautiful but doesn't take away from the foreground. Each time I look at the picture, I notice something new. The waterfall in the rocks (with very spirally waves which match the sky spirals), the cracks in the rocks, the structure in the distance. There's a surprising amount of detail in this.

tl;dr: love it. I can't find anything off about it.
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The lower (blue) portion of her costume bothered me a bit, but I think that's kind of true of a lot of wonder woman art where i don't know where the bodice is supposed to beging with relation to her waist. Ditto with the WW on her chestpiece (does it go above the bodice?, partway down?
Here, however is what I love. I love the color - swirly, bright and watercolory. I love where the punch of purpe spills out where WW is stepping onto the dragon. I love the choice to put her hair in a bun and all of a sudden, I am starting to feel like Wonder Woman should be depicted this way more often. I adore the cartoonish, but clear frustrated expression of maleficent dragon's face. The bacground is both sparse and yet lovely where the astract swirls and lines stand in for detail. The thing pops and feels very three dimensional, which is probably why I bought a copy from you at Comic-Con.
It hangs over my computer desk. ;)
skyscraper48 Jul 3, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Hehe Awesome! I'm down with the constructive criticism and I'm glad you liked and bought the print! Thanks a ton!
EspioArtwork31 Feb 8, 2012
Wonder Woman has Short Haircut with a Bunny Tale
Wow, this is gorgeous. Love your style!!! The color yet almost psychedelic. WOW.
skyscraper48 Jan 24, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks! She was fun to play with in terms of color, since her costume is bright and eclectic.
I love this pic. it is so cool!!
skyscraper48 Feb 22, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks a lot!
XavierX13 Dec 3, 2011  Professional
i like it!!!
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